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Top 5 Best Article Rewriter Tools

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Are you a blogger, ghostwriter, student, or web owner? Then article rewriting tool is the tool that you usually require.

Uniqueness is the thing that is essential for everyone. Similarly, uniqueness in article writing is also necessary.

Top 5 Best Article Rewriter Tools - IQBrain Technologies

One of the ways to make your content unique is to use article rewriter software. There are hundreds of websites available on the internet that offers rewriting tools.

However, we have sorted out some of the best tools in this article.

How Does the Article Rewriter Tool Work?

Article rephrasing tools use Artificial Intelligence and different supporting technologies to replace the words with their synonyms.

All of this happens without changing the meaning and concept of the sentences.

Some of the efficient article paraphrases optimize the context for search engine exposure and increase the readability score.

The spinning tool is mostly used by students, bloggers, and social media users to apply modification in their text.

The tool doesn’t only change the wording; instead, it converts the simple text into attractive synonyms. Thus, making your content more engaging and impressive.

Top Best Tools for Rewriting an Article

1. Prepostseo

Prepostseo - Article Rewriter

Prepostseo is one of the great and efficient tools in the field of rewriting an article.

It uses advanced and up-to-the-mark algorithms that would help in making duplicate content undetectable from search engines.

It goes through the entered text and obtains the meaning for maintaining after paraphrasing. Later on, it finds and changes the possible words that have potential synonyms.

Following are the features that are offered by the Prepostseo:

Features of Using Prepostseo Rewriter Tool

  • It’s entirely free software that can be used unlimitedly. The rewriting tool is easy to use with amazing results, free of cost.
  • It doesn’t contain any of the limitations for searches. You can spin your article as many times as you want.
  • You can paste the article or upload it on the tool for rewriting. Different formats, including PDFs, can be uploaded.
  • The paraphrased words get bold for the difference in appearance.
  • The generated article is not considered plagiarized; neither it’s detectable. This way, you can use it for publication.

2. - Article Rewriter

Copy this link and paste it on your browser tab to open the article rewriter tool. “”. is amongst the best tools for paraphrasing the article.

It provides high-quality synonyms from its database. However, it uses artificial intelligence along with Natural language processing to convert your article professionally.

It is one of the best tools to generate human-readable text. It doesn’t take or provide the Spintex formatted result as it affects human readability.

However, we have sorted out some of the features of this tool for your knowledge:

Features of Using Rewriter Tool

  • It’s a free tool for everyone, but its premium version provides better features.
  • It doesn’t contain any type of restriction or limitation for searches.
  • You can rewrite the article of up to 10,000 characters or nearly 1000 words.
  • For a better experience, use the premium version to get ads-free and with a captcha environment.
  • It’s the best tool for making your social media post’s description as it creates engaging content.

3. - Article Rewriter

With the combination of artificial intelligence and Natural language processing (NLP), is amongst the best tool to rewrite.

It creates a high quality of complex text that attracts the readers.

Articles rewriter is a good tool; however, it just takes seconds to complete the rewriting task.

Here are some of the features of this fantastic tool:

Features of Using Articlerewriter's Rewriter Tool

  • Chimp rewriting tool is free to use for 14-days as a trial version, whereas the premium version gives unlimited access.
  • It is capable of spinning the article in multiple languages.
  • It automatically paraphrases the article with just a button to be clicked.
  • The rewritten article cannot be detected as plagiarized or spun by Google or any detecting tool.
  • It stabilizes the existing image onto the newly generated article, making it ready to use.
  • The website offers a 100% money-back guarantee upon disliking the tool.

4. WordAi

WordAi - Article Rewriter

If you are looking for a tool that offers numerous amazing features, then you should use

It gives highly enriched artificial intelligent tools that rewrite your article in the best way. It’s not a free tool, but you can get 3-days as a trial to check.

It contains various features, but we have listed some of the major ones.

Features of Using WordAi Rewriter Tool

  • It’s much faster than other tools. Whether you upload or paste the content, it just takes some moments to give the result.
  • It supports the spinning of HTML, whereas you can include the images, videos, and styling.
  • The artificial intelligence used in this tool would check all the grammatical and general errors. It would also correct the mistakes of tenses.
  • You can also import the articles from online websites or optimizers.
  • If you paste the article in its simple way, the tool will automatically generate the paragraphs and listing out them—however, this way, the readability increases.
  • It supports multiple languages, including English and German.

5. Rewriter Tool

Rewriter tool - Article Rewriter

Rewriter tool is another website that offers different tools for enhancing your writing.

It uses high-quality words with more potential to replace most of the words in the original content. The device is capable of replacing phrases instead of words only.

This tool is mostly used by bloggers to renew their blog posts and use them again. This way, the search engine, and other detectors won’t be able to find duplicate content.

Here is the list of features of this fantastic tool:

Features of Using Rewriter Tool

  • It’s an entirely free website to use without any restrictions.
  • The tool contains a user-friendly layout with just simple tasks. You just need to enter the text and click on the button.
  • It just requires seconds to generate similarly but paraphrased content.
  • It doesn’t require any registration or subscription; instead, it works instantly.
  • It changes the color of the words that are paraphrased, and upon clicking “Next”, it makes the article unique.
  • There are no limits to queries or any word limit, and you can use it without any restrictions.


And, with the advancement in technology, some of the best article rewriter tools use Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for article spinning.

Which tool is best according to you? Comment below.

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