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Top 12 Best Email List Building Tools in 2022

Posted by Monisha Thangavel. Last Updated on February 9th, 2022 by Editorial Staff |  Reader Disclosure


Email marketing is effective. And, every marketer knows that!!

But, how to build your email list? Are you the one revolving around the eCommerce realm to know a valid answer to your question? If yes, the blog is for you.

Optinly - Email List Building Tool

How it helps you? After extensive research, we have summed up the top 12 email list building tools that promote and take your business to the next stage.

Every business can collect tons of emails through popups, lead forms, etc. But, are they valid? Are you evaluating in person?

When the most effective email list-building tools are in the queue, why suffer and manage email lists alone?

Let us discuss more the importance of email marketing and the email list-building tools for your business.

Why is Email Marketing Necessary for a Business?

When every marketing strategies work out well, why email marketing in particular? If you also have this doubt, the enlisted factors will help you know the importance of email marketing.

  • Educate customers about the benefit/positive impacts of your business
  • Acknowledge them about your new product/service introduced or about to
  • Share industry news and popular events
  • Alert customers about referral programs, contests, and promotions
  • Promote blog content
  • Guide customers throughout the sales funnel

Internet audiences are fast-moving in a way ahead to reach the best. Every aspect of your business must try to convince the visitors and grab their attention.

Having a beautifully designed website alone will not lead you to the throne. Instead, you need to work on the lead magnets like email capturing popups, survey forms, etc. Offering a reward for them if they do so will motivate them to visit your website often.

You can try out the most-used email list-building tactics to improve your email list.

  • Popups
  • Survey Forms
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Inline opt-in forms
  • Landing page with
  • whitepaper download
  • Sticky Bars

Now, you are in need of the list of the top 12 email list-building tools that help you greatly to increase your email list drastically. Let us get started.

12 Best Email List Building Tools for your Business in 2022

Email marketing has exploded in popularity as a means of reaching out to consumers and engaging with them.

According to Emailmonday, for every dollar spent on email marketing, you will receive an average of $38 in return. The value of email marketing to a company’s bottom line cannot be overstated.

It does, however, contain a carefully chosen collection of email list-building resources. We’ve compiled a list of email list-building resources for your business.

1. ThriveLeads - Lead Generation Plugin

ThriveLeads, being the best lead generator for a business, helps in collecting the email addresses of your website visitors.

It also allows you to get a favourable response rate. When you install or use Thrive Leads, you will get a considerable explosive amount of leads in the form of emails. You can benefit from them.

The cutting-edge conversion tactics loved by small business people and growth hackers are the main highlight of the Thrive Leads.

Key Features of ThriveLeads Plugin

  • Competitive Selection of form types
  • Conversion-focused library with myriads of design
  • Inbuilt drag and drop editor
  • Detailed display and trigger options
  • Powerful split testing tool for easy optimization
  • Detailed tracking and reporting

With Thrive Leads, you can create powerful and attractive email collection forms with advanced targeting options.

Pricing of ThriveLeads Plugin

ThriveLeads costs you $67/month for 1 license and $19/month to become a member.

2. Optinly - Exit-Intent Popup Builder

Optinly, a free email list builder, will help you expand your email list tenfold.

It uses a goal-based approach to help you expand your email list. You can build email popup campaigns in minutes with Optinly.

You can also see the benefits of pre-existing growth goals like cart abandonment rate, audience building, and special offer promotion using the required popup templates.

When you use Optinly, creating email newsletters becomes even simpler.

Key Features of Optinly Plugin

  • In-built popup editor
  • Responsive WordPress popup templates more than 75
  • Increased popup campaign results with Pre-existing marketing goals
  • Different popup form types to capture more leads
  • No limit on page views as it offers unlimited campaigns
  • Advanced popup triggering options
  • Popup campaign analytics including the clicks and views.
  • You can avail of the data export option in CSV format
  • Seamless ESP and Webhook integrations

Pricing of Optinly Plugin

Starts from $25/month

3. SendInBlue - Email Marketing Plugin

Sendinblue - Email List Building Tool

SendinBlue helps you in getting all of the marketing support you need to develop your company.

You can also develop successful marketing campaigns using their email marketing tool. It also facilitates simple customization functions, such as segmentation and automation.

It also improves the quality of your audience. Sendinblue can assist you with a variety of marketing methods, such as Facebook advertising, retargeting, and more.

Key Features of SendInBlue Plugin

  • Automation workflow templates for increased productivity
  • Drag and drop design to create effective newsletters
  • Smart scheduling functions to improve email click rates
  • Easily create beautiful newsletters and popup forms
  • Real-time report dashboard

One can send about 300 emails per day using the standard email marketing features. SendinBlue allows you to run and handle SMS campaigns efficiently.

Pricing of SendInBlue Plugin

Both free and paid plan exists. The paid version starts from $25/month.

4. Hello Bar - Email List Building Plugin

Hello Bar has been in the business of creating popups, floating bars, full-screen layouts, sliders, and other features for years.

There are also several email list-building functions as well as assistance with social media promotion. With a CTA button, it also guides users to particular pages and makes announcements.

Key Features of HelloBar Plugin

  • Attractive email marketing templates
  • AB testing engine to improve email popups
  • Highly Customizable options including change in text, color, etc
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Search or promotion bars visible only to the visitors

Pricing of HelloBar Plugin

Hello Bar pricing starts from $29/month. The free version is also available with limited features.

5. SleekNote - Convertible WordPress Popup Plugin

SleekNote - Email List Building Tool

SleekNote, a popular popup tool, helps businesses in collecting customers’ email addresses. It also has a visual popup builder that allows users to create custom designs for their business. Sleeknote is a great email capture tool that lets you develop your email list.

Key Features of SleekNote Plugin

  • Easily customizable popup templates and slide-ins
  • Advanced targeting options
  • AB testing
  • Built-in analytics for flexible handling
  • Performance comparison without any hassle
  • Mobile-friendly email marketing campaigns

Pricing of SleekNote Plugin

Paid plans start from $49/month.

6. ActiveCampaign - ChatBot WordPress Plugin

ActiveCampaign - Email List Building Tool

One of the best email list-building tools is ActiveCampaign. It provides email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) services to small businesses.

There are several comprehensive and versatile email marketing automation features available to assist the company in growing its customer base.

ActiveCampaign has succeeded in many areas, although it might not be appropriate for small businesses.

Key Features of ActiveCampaign Plugin

  • A vast library of attractive email templates
  • Split AB Testing
  • Cost-effective platform
  • Event tracking mechanism for effective communication
  • Automated sales CRM to prioritize leads

Pricing of ActiveCampaign Plugin

The Lite version starts at $9 per month. Get your ActiveCampaign account here.

7. Mobile Monkey - ChatBot Plugin

MobileMonkey, a WordPress automation plugin, is an excellent way to establish and maintain customer relationships.

It is easy to use and has improved communication capabilities. You can also use the chatbot to expand the customer base by integrating it with other social media channels.

It also excludes the effort needed to engage your customers. Using the Facebook Messenger chatbot plugin will help you to cover up all the chats without any delay. It improves the customer relationship.

Key Features of Mobile Monkey Plugin

  • Prospects your Facebook page and comment on posts
  • Auto-replies and collects emails and contact numbers
  • Sends daily email reports with all new leads
  • Re-engage leads at any time
  • Highly flexible and accessible

Pricing of Mobile Monkey Plugin

Both free and paid versions are available. The paid version starts from $49/month.

8. HubSpot – Marketing Automation Plugin

Hubspot - Email List Building Tool

HubSpot, the best marketing automation plugin, also comes under the list of best email list-building tools.

You can get a complete suite of tools in Hubspot. You can include marketing software, sales software, and support software.

Also, you can seamlessly integrate HubSpot into any marketing CRM. It also has a craft sophisticated network of rules that helps in achieving the target email list within the short term.

Key Features of HubSpot Plugin

  • Designs all conditional workflows
  • User-friendly visual dashboard
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Automates email list responders
  • Improves productivity
  • Live chat to improve customer experience

Pricing of HubSpot Plugin

HubSpot pricing starts from $50 per month.

9. SumoMe – Email Capture Tool

SumoMe - Email List Building Tool

SumoMe, a popular email list-building tool, becomes a social media highlight.

It emphasizes the visitors’ social sharing. The SumoMe plugin’s analytics functionality is also a significant plus.

It aids in the successful capture of emails and increases customer retention.

You should also take a look at the fantastic models that can help you increase customer engagement. Creating popups may seem easier when it comes to the SumoMe plugin.

Key Features of SumoMe Plugin

  • Many amazing and customizable email opt-in forms
  • Attractive styles accompanied with the templates
  • Free WordPress popup forms
  • AB testing
  • Easy email integration with other platforms

Pricing of SumoMe Plugin

Paid plan starts from $39/month.

10. Bloom – Email Opt-in Plugin

Bloom - Email List Building Tool

Bloom, the best WordPress email list building plugin, aids in the capture of leads as well as their email addresses.

It employs appealing popups to help companies and bloggers win email subscribers.

You may also engage them with a series of automated emails that cater to their specific needs. You can also try out a demo site to see how it works.

Key Features of Bloom Plugin

  • Attractive lightbox popups to gain email subscribers
  • Multiple opt-in types
  • Basic page targeting options
  • Easy ESP integrations
  • Customizable popups

Pricing of Bloom Plugin

Pricing for Bloom starts from $89.

11. MailChimp – Email List Building Plugin

MailChimp - Email List Building Tool

The best WordPress email list building tool, MailChimp, will help you develop your subscriber list.

It allows you to make beautiful models without ever having to leave the panel. You can also make models for social media advertising, landing pages, postcards, and other marketing materials.

The models can also be used to build subscription forms. Ninja modes, Event Manager, and BuddyPress are all quickly integrated.

You can enjoy MailChimp free for up to 2000 subscribers.

Key Features of MailChimp Plugin

  • Basic Segmentation
  • A/B testing
  • Smooth Integration with multiple platforms
  • Registration forms for automatic sign up
  • Great community support

Pricing of MailChimp Plugin

Both free and premium versions are available. The paid version starts from $10/month.

12. Campaign Monitor – Lead Generation Plugin

Campaign Monitor - Email List Building Tool

Campaign Monitor helps you in communicating with your audience and ensuring that your message is understood.

With professionally designed templates, email marketing aids in the creation of a successful campaign. It also has a simple drag-and-drop editor that allows you to customize your content.

With constant segmentation and timed automation, you can guide the customer journey. It also helps you to grow your email list and convert leads with a range of marketing products and services.

Key Features of Campaign Monitor Plugin

  • Advanced Analytics to track campaign effectiveness
  • Make educated decisions to increase engagement
  • Simple drag and drop design tools to create beautiful and professional email campaigns
  • Personalized marketing automation
  • Transactional emails and well-organized navigation

Pricing of Campaign Monitor Plugin

The basic Plan Starts from $9.


Email marketing is critical, and you can keep your list growing by using the best tool available on your website.

There are several email list-building tools and plugins on the market that have the features you need.

However, AB testing is still needed prior to implementation. There are numerous email list-building tools for eCommerce, industry, blogs, and other purposes.

Using the tools listed here, you can grow your email list without any second thought. Cheers!!

Which Email Marketing tool are you using? Mention on comments below.

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