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Contribute content to IQBrain Technologies by writing a Guest Post. Our blog platform was online since 2015 and was one of the popular blogs in Technology, Web design, SEO, Hacking, Android, Gadgets, digital marketing etc. In the year 2019, we started accepting guest posts from bloggers like you. The purpose to identify excellent talents from the crowd is to create an audience group and also providing amazing latest scoops to our readers.

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Why you need to submit a blog post to IQBrain Technologies?

IQBrain Technologies is a web design company operating since 2015. In addition to that, we also write and post blogs on our website. Recently, we refresh our blog sites to give a new look to our visitors. So, we are currently in the process of moving old contents to a new blog which is called as scoops. Our newly refurbished blog page receives 1000 number of visitors daily. When you publish a post, those visitors will also see your content and can share with their social network. We also provide an author biography at each blog post and a unique URL for the author when a guest post was published. Writing more posts on the website, our visitors will become your fans and starts reading your content. Emerging students can showcase their writing skills in their interview.

What type of content that we accept for Guest Post?

We provide a wide range of topics to choose from. Choose a preferred category to start writing a scoop. The topics are listed below for your reference.

  • Technology
  • Hacking
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Android
  • Blogging
  • Gadgets
  • iOS
  • Software

What are the submission guidelines?

To get published your article on our website, the content must meet the below minimum requirements.

  1. The content must have at least 1000 words with no spelling and grammatical errors. It is recommended to check the blog post with Grammarly before submitting to us.
  2. The content must not be plagiarized in any way like specific texts and images.
  3. Give a Title to your blog and use subheadings for long paragraphs.
  4. If you are a new user and submitting the first blog, kindly include an author biography at the end of your blog with a link to any one of your social network.
  5. We allow one do-follow backlink to your website only if your website’s domain authority is at least 15. For low domain authority websites, we provide one no-follow backlink.
  6. You must agree that we can edit and modify contents according to our blog page.1

What posts we won't accept in our blog?

Yes, we also reject posts when it does not meet our requirements.

  1. Blog posts that are out of category like food, space etc.
  2. Promotional contents that add no value to our readers.
  3. Writing offensive contents such as insulting someone, destroying the reputation of others, racist or violating other companies policy.
  4. Linking to casino, gambling or betting sites will not allowed.

What is the cost for publishing a blog post?

Publishing a blog post to our site will cost you very low as $20 per post. The charges including editing and publishing the post on our website.

How to submit a guest post?

Hope you read the guidelines before start submitting a guest post. Currently, we accept guest post only by email. If you are regular contributor, we will provide a login link and you can submit directly within our website. New users, please use the email method.

  1. The blog post must be in an editable format and written in a Microsoft word file.
  2. Sent an email to with the title as Guest post submission – ‘Your Title’ – ‘Your Name‘.
  3. Add your biography within the email or in the last of the blog post.

If your article meets our requirements, we will give a reply with your blog post link as soon as possible. We will also reject some submissions with a valid reason. Whether a guest post was accepted or not, we will reply to the author.

Here are some example blog post from our are given for your references. Please refer to this before start writing.

How to Make the Payment? or What kind of Payment Options we Accept?

At IQBrain Technologies, we accept all major credit and debit cards for making online payments. We also accept payment from PayPal online platform. Below use the below link to make the payment only you received a request from us via email from ‘info[at]iqbrain[dot]in’ only. We only use this email for tracking online purchases.

If any other request you received in the name of us for any payments, please report us to the same email address.

Thanks for reading this page till the end. We are looking forward for your contribution.