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Google Maps Getting Live AR View to Show Walking Directions

Last Updated on January 31st, 2022 by Editorial Staff |  Reader Disclosure


Google launched its new beta version of Google Maps walking directions with the included feature of Live Augmented Reality (AR) view.

As per their plan, they released this feature to all Android and iOS devices which supports AR at its system level.

Google Live AR View

For Android, it was live on smartphones that support Google’s ARcore and the ‘Stree View’ facility.

For iOS, the devices that are compatible with ARKit can access this feature.

Alpha Mode Augmented Reality with Google Maps

Startingly this Google Maps AR feature was rolled to Google Pixel users and Google Maps Local Guides in alpha mode.

Today, it was rolled out to all users. Users can access this feature once they get an update from the Google Maps application.

When taking a look at the features of the new update with the March version, it seems no difference at all and very similar. The buttons ‘Directions’, ‘Navigate’ and ‘Live View’ are in the same place as it.

The ability to tap any location in the nearby maps while in the navigation is still possible even in the new AR feature.

A Quick Review on the New User Interface

This live feature is designed in a fast, easily viewable, and very useful interface. When you turn on the Live AR view it shows a 360-degree Google Maps view. Upon entering the traveling location, it shows big arrows with readable street and location names on the screen.

This interface is easy to use than previous versions. It is also very useful while travelling to an unknown location.

Other Google Maps Features

Google Maps frequently releases a number of upgrades. Some of the notable features must know are reminded.

  1. ‘On-spot Reservation’ on hotels and restaurants.
  2. ‘Live Train Location and Timings’ will display once tap on any railway station.
  3. It can be backed up offline and we can use it even in offline mode.


Some of the iOS devices may not get all features but Android users can since it was released only for Android devices. As per Google, it will roll within a few weeks to all users.

Among these, which features help you in your day to day life? Mention it in the comment section.

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