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Google Pay - Full Guide, Free ₹201 per Referral, Free Rewards Per Transaction, Lucky 1 Lakh Scratch Card

Last Updated on February 16th, 2022 by Editorial Staff |  Reader Disclosure


Google introduces its new Indian payment application Google Pay in May 2011 to make payment secure and easier. Its tagline ‘Money Made Simple‘ clears that it is very easy to use.

Google Pay application only used as a amount transaction from person to person on the start. Later, by time to time it introduces a lot of features inside the application. You can recharge your mobile number, pay bills to rail ticket booking, bus ticket bookings, cab bookings, electricity bills, water bills, gas bills and many online stores.

Google’s first UPI integrated application changes the whole country in a digital way. Now, a mobile with this application is enough to transact amounts to anyone instantly without any service charge or tax. This application won’t store your money. The money will be automatically credit/debit from/to your account directly with your permission.

Google Pay is a Unified Payment Interface (UPI) application that lets you send and receive payment instantly to anyone inside India.

Before the arrival of this application, one needs the IFSC code, account number, and name needed to transfer the amount.

On working days, the amount will be transmitted within one hour using NEFT or IMPS and on non-working days it takes more than one hour in IMPS or more than two days in NEFT. For all transmission, processing fees and taxes are applicable.

This new Google Pay payment method uses the customer’s Virtual Payment Address (VPA) address to transact amounts without any charge by the UPI method.

Free ₹201 per Referral - Google Pay

You can use this link to download Google Pay from any Android or iPhone device.

Users can get referral rewards by referring their friends, relations, or others. For that, you need to install the application first.

Click this link to install it and to get ₹201 as a referral after you make your first payment to anyone.

After installation is done, click the ‘Offers’ section to know your referral link. Share your referral link with your friends to get ₹101 for every successful referral.

One can do this referral a maximum of 50 times.

Free Rewards for Each Transaction

For each transaction you will send or receive can able to get a scratch card worth up to ₹1000. These scratch cards are limited to 5 times per week.

Also, you will not get a scratch card for sending or receiving money for the same user in a week if you transact more than one time. Sometimes you will get ‘Better Luck Next Time’ if you are not lucky.

Lucky ₹1 Lakh Scratch Card

A lucky scratch card worth up to ₹1 lakh will be available if you transact more than ₹500 in that week to anyone.

This scratch card will not make available twice in the same week.

This scratch card is only revealed every Friday. Click the link to download and start earning rewards.

This Google Pay application also has NEFT type transfer. For that, you need the IFSC code and Account number.

If you didn’t know, you can pay by using the mobile number or VPA address of the receiver. The reward amounts are not applicable if your transaction goes outside of this application.

More Services offered by Google Pay

At first, the Google Pay application is only used as a payment transfer application from person to person.

Now, this is updated with various features such as train booking, bus booking, ordering foods, paying daily essentials, recharge options, and investments.

Small businesses can also create an account on this application to get money digitally for selling their services and products.

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