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HongMeng OS is 60 Percent Faster than Google Android OS, Says Huawei

In the previous month, Google banned Huawei from using Android OS and Google Play in its manufactured phones. This was taken action on the orders of the US Government. Even though this cause an inconvenience for the Huawei company, they are seriously working to get rid of it. Yes, the news from the Huawei sources said that they have working on their new HongMeng OS that will be ready on coming October this year. Now, the OS is in the testing stage. The Chinese users will use it as HongMeng OS and the other regions as Oak OS.

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Xiaomi, Tencent, Vivo and Oppo in Huawei

According to Huawei, the OS will act as 60 percent faster than Android. Top mobile software developing companies like Tencent, Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo sent their teams to test the new operating system at Huawei company. However, the exact details like the number of members, and other test details are not released.

The Chinese government mouthpiece the entire Huawei’s new operating system. With the help of major Chinese carriers and other major companies they working together to set the release of the new operating system as soon as possible.

PR War Between China and America

This report looks like another battle in the PR war between China and the US. First, the US tried and successfully hit China by removing and blocking the Huawei partnership from US hardware and software firms. Now, China’s turn. They replied to America by helping Huawei to get its own OS that set to release very soon. It may arise as a major hit to the tech giant Google and America.

Next Smartphone for Chinese People with New OS

Till the release of a new Huawei OS, it will the waiting period of customers from all over the world to see who blinks first. Because the Chinese people think that their next smartphone will be Huawei or something other that will be completely programmed with Hongmeng OS, not from the Android.

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  1. Androidena

    interview and referenced the previous claim: “When asked if HongMeng is faster than Google’s Android or Apple’s Mac OS X system, Ren Zhengfei gave the answer cautiously, ‘very likely,’ and technical in nature. According to a previous report, Huawei’s operating system is 60% faster than Android.”

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