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By: sudarshanan | March 14, 2018

What is SS7 Flow?

SS7 is vulnerable to hacking and this has been known since 2008. SS7 also known as Signaling System 7, a technology used by telecom operators, on which the highly secure messaging system and telephone calls rely. Here the, vulnerability lies.

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By: sudarshanan | March 12, 2018

Google and Nintendo teams up to bring Mario Kart on Google Maps. It's really fun, as Google is celebrating on March 10. This Mario Kart was first introduced in 'Super Mario Bros'. The main aim is to rescue Princess Peach from Browser by travelling along the Mushroom kingdom with Luigi.

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By: sudarshanan | March 10, 2018

In the fast growing Internet surveillance, the use of VPN services has seen a quite in growth. Most VPN services log the data of their customer's activities online in order to show relevant ads and identify specific people to reach their marketing level much more bigger.

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By: sudarshanan | March 08, 2018

We all know that Google is celebrating International Women's day every year. To make a change this year Google starts empowering women-led business on the Map and around the world. Also google has attributes like "Has Wi-fi" and "Outdoor Seating" to help customers where to go. From this Women's day, business can identified as owned, led or founded by women by enabling the "women-led" attribute from their Google My Business dashboard.

By: sudarshanan | September 24, 2017

Google introduces its new Indian payment application to make payment secure and easier. It's tagline 'Money Made Simple' clears that it is very easy to use. Google's first UPI integrated application changes whole country in a digital way. Now, a mobile with this application is enough to transact amount to anyone instantly without any service charge or tax. This application won't store your money. The money will be automatically credit / debit to your account directly with your permission.

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